Belsize Park Garden

The clients of this Belsize Park Garden wanted a design that reflected their recently developed kitchen extension. They had a young family, but were keen to create a space that was elegant and contemporary although still fun for the children. The garden was predominantly North Facing, so light colours were crucial for the boundary walls, and the planting palette used was white and purple. All the boundaries were rebuilt in block work and render, and despite the small space we created 2 distinct areas.

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Belsize Park Garden Belsize Park Garden Belsize Park Garden Belsize Park Garden Belsize Park Garden Belsize Park Garden Belsize Park Garden Belsize Park Garden

Photos by Marianne Majerus

As soon as you step in off the busy Belsize Park high street you catch a glimpse of the garden, designed to entice you in. The soft purple rear focal wall, contrasts with the shimmering white bark of Betula utilis var. jacquemontii, drawing you further into the house, through the kitchen and out of the large sliding glass doors onto rows of light grey coral stone interspersed with rows of camomile that release a wonderful scent as they are crushed underfoot. The lawn has simple L shaped planted beds that frame an old green metal bench, set opposite a beautiful plum tree that is under planted with Tellima grandiflora and seasonal bulbs. This area is further defined by two low walls planted with herbs that enclose a raised hardwood deck with floating timber seating that wraps around the centre piece coffee table with an inset copper top, that is developing a beautiful patina as it ages. The seating has cushions made to fit exactly in soft grey weather resistant fabric. There is even a long recessed shelf for the client’s glass candles that enhance the subtle garden lighting.

The overall finished design of this Belsize Park Garden is a subtle fusion of green space, art gallery, outdoor room and lounge, whilst still being a creative space for the children to let their imagination run riot.

The front garden is another gem in the heart of Belsize Park, a blend of contemporary and traditional with an intricate Victorian tiled carpet set against white walls and black slate. The Prunus Kanzan was chosen for the pink blossom that would fall on to the black slate and remind the client fondly of Japan.

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