RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2014

The Seven Deadly Sins - Greed

London Garden Designer chose to submit an application for the Conceptual Category (Seven Deadly Sins), which the RHS sponsors. Each of the seven gardens are given a build budget of £6000 and we were delighted to be accepted with the thought provoking design below.

The deadly sin of Greed condemns the eternal for the temporary, yet one man cannot be rich without another being deprived .The garden depicts a confessionary, expressing the duality between Judge and Sinner, whilst simultaneously presenting the viewer with a dilemma.

7 Deadly Sins

Photos by Marianne Majerus

Concentric squares of clipped box hedge depict the controlled, rigid Eternal Garden, whilst the temporary garden is in the final stages of greed; nutrient depleted soil has encouraged wildflowers to grow. The partition mesh suggests a blurred connection between both.

The garden invites the viewer to consider the analogy between Judge and Sinner. Does only one side represent greed? Both gardens are intended to be viewed through the mesh partition, and also by submissively kneeling at the extended Prie-Dieu.

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