Winter Blues

With the promise of longer days , brighter mornings, and the glimmer of sunshine casting beautiful shadows across the frosty lawn, now is the time to start planning your garden for the year ahead.

Early in the year offers the best opportunity to see the garden in its ‘naked’ state, where there may be views to enhance, neighbours to screen or evergreen structure to add.  Endeavour to make the garden enticing at all times of the year, its there to be enjoyed to tempt you out, even on a cold winters day.

Always allow for seasonal interest. I love the moment when the first bulbs start shooting, or when the flowers of Amelanchier appear before any leaves have emerged. Likewise the early heady scent of the unassuming Sarcoccoa often surprises with a powerful aroma as you walk down a road, mingled with Mahonia, and an innocent bank of snowdrops taking credit for the fragrance on offer.

Then come the spring flowers bounding through, cheering us up just when we need it, having survived another long cold winter. Without these wonderful moments a garden would be very static and unwelcoming.


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