Notting Hill Garden Design

Nestled within an old cobbled courtyard is a stunning building designed by visionary architects Site Specific, who introduced me to the client and asked me to provide a usable outdoor area within the confines of 20sqm. Due to the limited space that was available, it was important that during the design process, consideration was given to how regularly this Notting Hill garden terrace would be used for entertaining, whilst also providing adequate storage for basic garden tools and kids toys.

Through this collaboration, it was possible to transform this empty roof terrace into a fully functional stylish outdoor area. The high brick walls were rendered and painted, to reflect light, with the main feature wall in blue/grey paint. By keeping the colour scheme bold but subtle, the choice of paint complemented the purple seating area perfectly with the planting chosen carefully to offset this further. Storage is provided under the built in seating , constructed from FSC accredited Balau timber.

Notting Hill Garden Notting Hill Garden Notting Hill Garden Notting Hill Garden Notting Hill Garden

By integrating an understated palette of silver, purple and grey to colour the space, the design of the garden produces a vibrant statement; whilst at the same time complimenting the surrounding buildings. Galvanised planters offset the Acer palmatum Viridis, and are also designed to tuck behind the seating, to allow planting space for lavandula Hidcote and the climber Trachelsopermum jasminoides that is neatly trained along stainless steel tension wires. Beautiful polished steel Agapanthus and Wallpaper panels by Susan Bradley are hung on the walls as outdoor art.

Stunning lighting is incorporated,with the glass floor providing an amber glow up from the sitting room below, and additional stainless steel wall fittings casting a soft, but practical wash of light.

With only a handful of flowers and features used within this design, the client is still able to enjoy the use of the garden whilst maintaining minimum care. The space comes alive, amongst the rooftops of Notting Hill, providing a garden oasis within the centre of the city.

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