Knightsbridge Garden Design

From the heart of London to the heart of this owner's home - the brief for this Knightsbridge garden was a challenge due to the request of creating a country garden feel whilst maintaining its city presence. A keen plantsperson, the client took great pleasure in tending to and enjoying her garden; so it was essential to create as much green space as possible thereby keeping the hard landscaping to a minimum.

Predominantly a family garden, it was imperative that the tree house built by her husband would fit in with the rest of the key features. With the tree house used on a regular basis by her teenage children, it was important that they had their own space separate from their parents whilst at the same time setting a balance that both generations could enjoy.

However, the biggest issue to contend with was the narrowness of the space - so in order to increase the sense of width, three circular gardens were created, separated by evergreen shrubs and metal arches, the latter planted up with Roses and Jasmine. The use of circles draws the eye away from the narrow boundary fencing, allowing for the use of a minimum amount of space for maximum planting value.

Knightsbridge Garden Design Knightsbridge Garden Design

Upon setting foot into the garden, the transitional journey from a bare area into a wild, woodland area towards the rear is completed thanks to the rose arches creating an overhead walkway. For a formal yet contemporary appearance, low clipped box hedging was introduced for its ease of maintenance as well as its topiary element, keeping the structure of the design whilst allowing the herbaceous plants and shrubs to spill over the edges.

With over five mature fruit trees and a mini orchard to accompany the garden, the family has the flexibility to divide their time between the countryside element and using the open space to host family and neighbour gatherings. This Knightsbridge garden, is a true oasis in the middle of the city, allowing for hours of pottering, or relaxation.

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